Air Display

Version: 1.4
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.2
Price: $10

When I first bought the iPad, I had a list of things I intended to use it as. Once I made the initial investment in getting one, I started putting it through it's paces and making sure that it's capable of my arduous standards. When I was little, I was destined to be a mobile techie. I turned a blind eye to the Super NES and Genesis and took in hand the Game Boy. Picked laptops over towers. By nature I'm a mobile person but was jealous of the things home users could do. I wanted (dare I say it) to have my cake and eat it too. I dreamed of doubling my MacBooks screen capacity by having a second monitor with none of the cables and all the glory of breaking down another barrier between home computer and portable powerhouse.

And for those wondering, yes I am aware I can add a second monitor to my MacBook. But I'm not gonna take a monitor around with me on the go. Since my iPad is going around for the ride, it's convenient I have the option.

I bought this app expecting to display webpages, iTunes playlists or for chatting and it does all that and a whole lot more. Hell I didn't know that there were so many bonuses to the app either. How about it turns my iPad into a freaking graphic tablet!? This was a major surprise for me when I turned it into my main display and it would respond when I dragged my finger across.

An amazing thing no doubt however it takes me to the glaring flaw of this app. Lag. Maybe I'm being too hard on it and expect it to do more than it actually can. It's screen clarity was incredible when nothing was moving on screen and it's handy if you can put up with it's nuisances.

First was the lag and second is how finicky it can be. You have to set your screen lock on or if the iPad shifts, you'll lose the connection. You have to have a good router and wireless network or else you'll lose the connection.

Still this doesn't stop me from using it as a second monitor as I set it out to be and if I meet it's conditions it turns into my little helper. However sometimes I can't help but feel the things I'm displaying through it I can just do through the iPads apps anyway. In the end the app does as it advertises and it's fun to show off and use from time to time but you'd better put the hefty tenner down for the trip

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