iA Writer

Version: 1.3
Compatible: iPad - iOS 4.2
Price: $5

Simplicity in itself is a form of sophistication and complexity in my mind. I don’t mean that in a way that you cover jumbled Christmas light wires all over the tree so that all you see are the pretty lights and none of the ugly underbelly. I mean that simplicity is the entryway for bigger and better things that allows ease of access from the chaos of our minds into physical form. Even now trying to communicate how I feel or what I think on the most basic of things is difficult to get across due to the sheer fact that there are so many thoughts and feelings. However I’m thankful that I have a clean path to paint the canvas so to speak.

iA Writer is what the typewriter is to the writer of yore. Classic back to basics with the sheer simplicity of nothing but a piece of paper and the technology to put words to existence. All that’s left is the final piece, the human mind to conceive such words. The difficulties and trials of the modern age is distraction and with the concentration span at an all time low in this crazy, busy world it’s easy to get swept away. My attention span is one such atrocity that I could only beg to change into a laser beam of concentration.

Pages and other word processors that I’ve come across for the iPad are jumbled, intricate tools that can make you bring together words into a project while making it look professional. However in that, obtaining those words is the hardest part. Distractions are everywhere but iA Writer is different. It’s nothing more than a blank page set in black words to white backdrop. It counts characters and words and estimates it’ll take how long to read the whole project. You can save said words to it and extract from iTunes, e-mail or upload directly to your Dropbox.

One special mode is a FocusMode. It brings it up a notch even further and fades out the rest of the document so you can only focus on the one line you’re on. Nothing else matters in the world except that one line and that’ll bring you one step closer to putting your mind to the page. I have yet to test this feature either but it’s international friendly, allowing other languages to be seamless as all that I mentioned. iA Writers main objective is to get you writing and I certainly say it gets the job done.

iA Writer is an essential part of my iPads repertoire and my productivity set. Later I will mention how I pull everything together but for now, if you’re looking for a word processor and don’t want to shell out for Pages ($10 still isn’t a lot, but iA Writer is half of that) then iA Writer is worth a serious look. It absolutely will not fail you.

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