Cubed Rally Racer

Cubed Rally Racer
Version: 1.1.1
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.0
Price: $2

Racing games on iOS are something I have high hopes but tend to be extremely weary with unfortunately. It’s now programmed in my brain that 99% of them have a control scheme of tilting my iOS device like a moron to simply turn. And by turning I mean sliding across the track into a wall because I’m not tilting correctly enough as it seems. Call me old fashioned but I like pulling left to go left. Several high definition and extremely pretty games I get for the iPhone or iPad follow this pattern and I get turned off very quickly to the point where I don’t believe it’s worth my time.

Cubed Rally Racer doesn’t follow this trap and I find myself playing it quite frequently when I have a minute. It doesn’t follow many other things actually. Let me start by saying what kind of game it is. It’s a racing game from a fixed camera in the sky angle. You guide a small polygonal rally car across several randomized tracks (levels) with increasingly difficult (and unusual) obstacles. It can be a pretty intense game or extremely laid back but overall quite an enjoyable experience.

It plays like an old NES racing game and can be frustrating but as you learn and master the control scheme will leave a satisfactory aftertaste. There is an HD version (I’ve yet to try it) but can’t see this is as a big screen affair simply because of the pick up and play aspect to it. Like Angry Birds you can pick it up and play it quickly for 5 minutes before putting it away.

Graphics are charming, controls are weird at first but become natural after trial and error. My biggest gripe however is with the atrocious and I mean GOD-FREAKING-AWFUL music. It’s got one song, one song alone, and it’s terrible and annoying. Think of the worst alarm clock sound you’ve had to deal with, loop it over and over and imagine it accompanying you over the course of every part of this damn game. You start the race, it’s there. You’re racing, it’s still there. You completed the race! Good for you! Here’s some pain for your trouble.

Sound off.

In the way of modes, there’s an arcade mode where you progress through the levels. Pretty standard. There’s a mode that lets you go on a never ending track to see how far you’ll go to get a higher score. Then there’s the secret Cow Mode where your accelerator is stuck and you have to manically manoeuvre through a wide grassy track, dodging obstacles to get as far as possible for a higher score.

Highly recommended. I look forward for more from these Devs to expand this App or any more they might have up their sleeve.

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