Version: v. 1.4
Compatible: iPod Touch/ iPhone/ iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $1

Another Gamevil stand alone classic which is a shame seeing how much Id like to see more. More improvements that is!

Its a simple side scrolling (think Zelda 2) version of Zenonia with a different story and universe. Instead of navigating maze like environments in a birds eyes view, you have to scroll through maze like environments from the side perspective while navigating over platforms. Platforms that are the bane of this games existence. Navigating from point A to point B is an exercise of frustration, anger and giving up.

Maybe it wouldnt be so bad with physical controls but when you fall through floors or miss a jump and return to the beginning of the level for the fifth or sixth time, theres a problem. Half the time I was wondering out where the Hell I was supposed to be going and the other half endlessly fighting respawning unimaginative baddies. Which brings me to round two.

This game is repetitive to no end. Its either be bored or frustrated and neither option is an appealing feature of the game. Ive played about two and a half hours and Im still at the beginning of the game before the Hero leaves the freaking village. I keep getting sent on fetch quests which leads me through mazes and endless enemies.

Graphics are amazing (Gamevil never disappoints in that department.) Music is atrocious. Not one of Gamevils best.

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