Pac Man Championship Edition

Pac Man Championship Edition
Version: v.1.2.2
Compatibility: iPhone/ iPod Touch / iPad iOS 3.0
Price: $5

If you've played the XBox or PS3 versions, its EXACTLY the same. If you dont know what it is, let me explain. Its Pac Man on crack. You get combos for eating ghosts in bulk, it makes High Scores cool again. And now Im going through it all again on my iPhone. Hit it!

Its exactly as I said with some small exceptions. They made several modes, one of which is missions which is like Angry Birds elevating levels. These missions consists of several objectives, reach a certain score by a certain time or get a combo or use an alternative control scheme. As for the controls there are several although they all seem the same. Theres swipe, joy stick, virtual game pad, all screen game pad (bottom is down, bottom left is left etc etc.) and pointer swipe.

The games slick style and addictive game play is all here and is definitely recommended over the classic Pac Man with the various game modes and multi player interactivity (beat your friends high score with the level/goal of the week.)

Are they any problems? The game is hectic enough that the gap between you and the controls looks like a gorge. However this was the same case between me and the XBox version so I cant really blame touch screen controls (this time.)

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