Zombie Appstravaganza!

October is here and I think I have to do an obligatory Appstravaganza dedicated to all things spooky and what not. Despite in me believing in the classier way of things, I'll bite despite believing that the month of the impending New Year should be adhered to accurately. Without further ado, I present to you the October Zombie Appstravaganza!

Zombie Smash HD
Version: 2.1
Compatible: iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $4

Drag and throw zombies before they knock down your fort. Killing zombies via flicking? How can it go wrong? I agree, it's a good premise and it is extremely entertaining at first. But the difficulty takes a huge dip within the first hour of play. But I digress, more information needs to be provided. You start by flicking but you gain power ups gradually such as guns, falling boulders, dynamite and all that good stuff. Nothing is more satisfying than zombies and dynamite especially when they gather in big numbers. The problem is as I said that the difficulty jumps so quickly. It starts off with shambling zombies, then goes to running crazy chick zombies, then to shooting gangster zombies and then to the hulking behemoth tank zombie. Okay, I can take a challenge but the basic weaponry lies with the problem. You have to earn the boulder and big weapons like that by biding your time. The handgun is slow, precise and weak. To kill all the zombies (except for the hulk) you can throw them into the sky one at a time. When time is of the essence I'd expect to pick one up and slam him into a crowd of zombies to satisfying effect.

Fun. For a dollar. Not $4.

Zombie Highway
Version: 1.6
Compatible: iPod Touch/ iPhone/ iPad iOS 3.1
Price: $1

This game was a dollar. Can you believe that? I played more of this game than ones that cost five times as much and I want to slap myself for that fact. This game is amazingly fun, aggravating and ultimately satisfying. I'll say this now, I HATE racing/driving games where you have to tilt the device, they are beyond comprehensible control for me and avoid them like all Hell. Zombie Highway gets it right. It's basic, ride your armoured zombie tank down the highway and take down any that jump on the side by either shooting them or ramming them into roadside debris. The variety of enemies (strong/fat zombies) is strong and there are many panic moments when it comes close to them taking down the tank. Generally amusing and enjoyable. Earning new weapons and achievements is thoroughly satisfying.

Zombie Gunship
Version: 1.2
Compatible: iPhone (3GS/4), iPod Touch (3G/4G) and iPad iOS 4.1
Price: $1

Surprisingly enjoyable although the graphics were something to laugh at. You'll be staring at huge blurs of dark grey and black to search for zombies to gun down who are fortunately in a more visible colour thanks to thermal goggles. Not much to stay other than you gun down zombies, protect survivors and the bunker to earn money to upgrade guns and ability. Good for a laugh. Otherwise not much to say.

Looking at my library I notice I have a surprising amount of zombie games. Plants v. Zombies, Dead Rising, these three, Call of Duty: Zombies, Paper Toss with annoying Zombie coworker. What I'm trying to say, I like killing zombies.

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