Card Star

Card Star
Version: v.3.6
Compatibility: iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad iOS 3.0
Price: Free

On my trip to New York, I emptied out several cards that I believed unnecessary for the trip and felt a significant difference in weight and comfort in the wallet department. With all of them freed from my pocket I thought it was time to put them all into my Card Star App and indeed lighten the load indefinitely. I got most of them on the Card Star App but are they functional in this form?

I was inspired by my Scene Card App which even without the card managed to scan off my phones screen. 'Why shouldnt others do this?' said I and I invested zero dollars on this App. Unfortunately on several occasions it failed to scan at check out and instead I just got into awkward, fumbly situations unlike the ones at the cinema. In fact there was not one successful use of this App to scan at check out. Though I will continue to try I am still disappointed in this Apps performance.

Other features are coupons and deals associated with your cards which is a helpful feature for places I frequent so much that I have cards with them. So its not an entire disappointment. Scanning barcodes from the cards is amazingly easy and quick. Card Star uses the camera and in no time makes a reference. Catalogued are a myriad of pre existing card templates, it had all the ones I use in its database so its quite reliable in that department.

All in all its not everything I wanted but didnt fail entirely. Give it a shot and if the check out line isnt too long and youre not in a rush, see if it goes through.

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