Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle
Version: 3.0.1
Compatibility: iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad iOS 3.0
Price: $1

Alarm Clock Apps are a somewhat irritating affair. They charge ridiculous prices for the simplest task of exchanging the integrated alarm with its own look and the option to choose your own song from your iPod. If theres something I want from an Alarm App is to wake me up. But who knew there'd be an App thats smart, efficient and best of all cheap to take on the task.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm App like no other. It works by setting it on the corner of your bed face down overnight (while plugged in for best results). The reason for all this is to use the accelerometer to record our sleep progress judging how much we move around in bed. It determines how well you're sleeping and will find the optimal time to wake you calm and easy.

On top of that it has several nice alarm sounds of its own as well as the option to use your own songs. It will also track your sleep patterns so you can look back and see some sort of consistency (or just find fascination in seeing how well/bad/ordinary you sleep.)

Whats more is that it works. It replaced the default Alarm App within two days (while I was still weary about it, it detected I woke up once every hour in paranoia. It was a restless night but I quickly trusted the App and it works like a dream (lol.)

My only gripe is that I have to keep it plugged in. The reason is the accelerometer doesn't work when the App isnt open let alone while on standby. I dont recieve many texts or calls at night but if you answer any, it will disrupt the App however it does save your progress, you just have to resume the App and return it facedown. With the phone plugged in regularily every night could have long term effects on the battery life but otherwise these are my only gripes.

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